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b. 1968, Gaeta, Italy.

Based in Berlin.

Memories, those wispy tendrils that bind us to the past, are more than mere recollections. They are intricate tapestries woven from the threads of experience, imagination, and the sublime unconscious. Within their layers lies a hidden world, where the boundaries between reality and perception blur, and the echoes of the past resonate with the whispers of the future.At the heart of this tapestry lies imagination, the weaver of dreams and the architect of possibility. It takes the raw materials of memory - sights, sounds, emotions - and reconfigures them into something new, something imbued with personal meaning and significance. Memories, often fragmented and incomplete, are given shape and form through the lens of imagination. A childhood visit to the beach becomes a grand adventure, a whispered conversation transforms into a passionate declaration. Imagination fills the gaps, infuses the mundane with magic, and allows us to revisit the past not as it was, but as we wish it to be.But the tapestry is not woven solely by the conscious mind. Beneath the surface lies the vast and mysterious realm of the unconscious, a wellspring of emotions, desires, and archetypes that shape our perception of the world and color our memories. Memories, like dreams, can be infused with symbolism and metaphor, drawing on the collective unconscious to imbue them with deeper meaning. A recurring nightmare might not be a literal recollection, but a manifestation of a hidden fear or anxiety. A forgotten melody might evoke a flood of emotions, pulling us back to a time and place we thought lost.The true power of memory lies in its ability to connect us to the sublime, that which transcends the limitations of the everyday world. When we revisit a cherished memory, we are transported beyond the confines of time and space. We experience a sense of awe and wonder, a feeling of connection to something larger than ourselves. This encounter with the sublime can be deeply transformative, leaving us with a renewed sense of perspective and a deeper understanding of who we are.



B.A. in Production Design from the Academy of Arts in Rome with studies in Photography, Film Directing and Art History.

All artworks,images and text are ©Luigi Di Crasto