CV / About

Luigi Di Crasto

Born in Italy

Lives and works in Berlin.

Luigi’s works delve into the complexity of the human condition and ourprofound connection to nature. By weaving together experiences from thepast and present, while contemplating an unforeseen future, his narrativesblur the boundary between perceived reality and fictional constructs, givingrise to thought-provoking stories that defy both the laws of humanity and thelaws of nature.In his paintings and drawings, Luigi reveals recollections, dreams, and adistinctive perspective on the world. He frequently references the struggle ofnature to survive the catastrophic impacts of human civilization and theenvironmental issues it has caused.Drawing from his interest in iconography, religion, mythology, nature,technology, aesthetics, and cinema, Luigi incorporates recurring symbols andmotifs into his ever-changing landscape. Layers of paint blend, revealing thedepth in which the subconscious becomes an integral part of the visibleworld.While his artworks may initially seem enigmatic, the references andrepresentations woven into them actively serve to stimulate our collectiveconsciousness and provoke us to reconsider our perception of the world weare shaping.

All artworks,images and text are ©Luigi Di Crasto